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18 Concepts You Need to Learn About Chinese Numbers

Chinese numbers are an integral part of the Chinese language and culture. Understanding how to read, write, and use Chinese numbers in Mandarin is essential for anyone learning the language. In this blog post, we'll cover 18 key concepts that you need to...

Jokes In Chinese:
The Guide to Being Funny in Mandarin

So you want to learn some Chinese jokes to help you be funny in Mandarin? You have come to the right place.In this post, we will teach you:How to culturally understand Chinese humor so you know what Chinese people find funny.Certain hilarious situations to prepare...

Learn Chinese Pinyin:
This Ultimate Guide Will Make You An Expert

  Chinese Pinyin is a transliteration tool to write characters in Roman letters and represent the pronunciation of the language. It is a fundament to learning Chinese pronunciation. Contents What is Chinese Pinyin? · Chinese Pinyin Alphabet   How are pinyin...

Chinese Pronunciation:
12 Hacks to Speak Mandarin Like a Native

The differences and similarities between English and Chinese Pronunciation is the main cause of the mistakes English speakers make. Yet that also makes those mistake systematic and fixable if you know where to look.

This list includes 4 parts that cover all the phonetic aspects of Mandarin pronunciation, including the tones, the initials, the finals, and the special cases.